Saving Prophecy



The first book in the Sinclair Island Romance series

A difficult horse separates two humans – then brings two people together

When Emma is unjustly fired from her equestrian job, she swears off horses.

Fulton has sworn off women who love horses, after his girlfriend left him with a long scar and a mean mare called Prophecy.

Seeking solitude, Emma moves to a property on remote Sinclair Island, next door to anti-social Fulton.

When disaster strikes, he’s forced to solicit her aid with his horses, and Emma asks to retrain the dangerous mare Prophecy.

Reluctantly Fulton gives in, and during those daily training sessions, he falls in love with his attractive neighbor – but the pretty black horse has already stolen her heart.

Fulton realizes he’s again fallen for a woman who cares more about horses than him and becomes distant.

Now he’s pushed her away, Emma discovers her true feelings and is devastated.  

Her only hope of winning Fulton back is to sacrifice the horse she adores to prove she loves him.

But can she bring herself to surrender Prophecy?

And can Fulton conquer his deep distrust of women who love horses?


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What people are saying about Saving Prophecy:

Couldn’t put it down!

Loved this book! I read it in two days. The story and characters are amazing. Can’t wait for the next!


Once again Hilary Walker hits it out of the ballpark. Mixing her love for God and horses in a romantic tale, Hilary keeps the reader’s interest chapter after chapter. Her descriptive visual helps to put you right in the middle of the action. Bravo!

Wonderful reading!

A well written story about animals, trust and the hardships that same animals have in finding their forever homes. The author has done a great job in fitting all in one read. A recommended read.

Loved the book!

Getting to know these two loners and the horse that draws them together, makes for an awesome story. I read this book in a day and highly recommend ‘Saving Prophecy’ if you love clean stories with heart. And with horses as part of the storyline, you can’t go wrong!