Ivan’s Choice – a Christian Romance

That man calmly walked into the barn and destroyed her world.

She’d moved here two and a half years ago to get away from a previous crushing defeat and now history was repeating itself.

Pippa comes to the Pecan Plantation Equestrian Center one afternoon to find that handsome Bryce McCloud, a famous local dressage rider, wants to buy her beloved lesson horse Ivan from under her nose.

She didn’t even know he was for sale!

Refusing to give up on the big chestnut, she cuts a deal with Bryce: by the end of the month, Ivan will go to the person he likes the most. Witnesses are recruited to ensure the competition is fair.

Now Pippa has to come up with enough money and persuade Ivan to choose her instead of the pro rider before the deadline.

However, Bryce wows everyone at the barn with his superb riding on the flashy gelding. Then he has to help Pippa handle the powerful animal when hurricane force winds upset him, making her feel increasingly incompetent and unworthy of the horse.

And when Bryce unwittingly reveals the part he played in ruining her life two years ago, she dislikes him even more.

Then she finds out that she’s not the only one who’s been humiliated. Bryce has recently been dealt two devastating blows and needs Ivan to start his riding business all over again.

Manny, another horse in the barn, would be a better prospect for Pippa – and cost less money. Should she buy the little Welsh Cross and let Bryce have Ivan? Or should she exact her revenge on the man for what he did to her by continuing to vie for the big gelding?

But as she wrestles with this dilemma, she becomes aware of a much bigger problem: her growing feelings for Bryce.

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Amazon Reviews for Ivan’s Choice:

***** Definitely a five star read for all ages. Christian fiction at its best

I enjoyed every page of this book. I started reading it this afternoon and couldn’t stop until I finished it at midnight. It is Christian fiction at its best. It is filled with romance and humor and, of course, horses. While I don’t have horses or the opportunity to ride anymore, I love reading about them. I’m sure you will too If you love animals. If you haven’t read any books by this author, I definitely recommend them. Also, this is a stand alone book. Many of her books are series. She writes both fiction and nonfiction. I have not read any of the nonfiction yet but plan to do so.

***** Different Romance!

A wonderful story of 2 people whose lives have been disrupted and then thru a love of horses, they are able to begin anew in a better way. Great story about how horses can affect even damaged people.

***** Ivan’s Choice by Hilary Walker

Have read other works by this author and have fallen in love with her words about horses.

This one starts with Pippa and she’s training a horse, Ivan but she learns some distressing news.
A man is there to buy the horse that she’s been riding for over 2 years now.
His employer has died and his widow will be selling all their horses-where Bryce works.
She’s … always trying to better herself. She has low self worth, she’s not good enough to be a fiancée, she’s not good enough for …
She has a month to come up with the money and I like how the book is like a diary with dates so you can see the progress she’s making over the time frame.
He has definitely shown them all he knows what to do with a horse-things she’s not done with Ivan. She’s just not good enough.
She gets very upset when the bank calls and notifies her that yes she can get the loan but in her heart she knows the horse really has a bond and loves Bryce who’s been riding her recently.
An emergency arises with the storm …Love the step by step detailed instructions she’s given and shown that will stay with her forever…
She sees Bryce as the enemy as she knows he has trailers for the horses and knowledge and means to raise them.
What I like also about this story is that there are a handful of characters and it’s easy to keep track of who is who.
Interactions during the hurricane while they tend to the horses and lack of food and shelter is shattering…
Pippa is not trusting of men, her self, her worth, her whole being but she is able to confide in Bryce and he in her…
Love hearing more about the horses-the author’s favorite topic. You should write what you know about.
Can’t wait to read more from the author.