The Laura Harper Trilogy Books


Should a mother hide the truth from her son, for his own good?

When her husband Jack has a freak training accident, Laura Harper is launched into the world of horses and in no time at all, the successful accountant is mesmerized by a little colt.

Then the Harper couple suffer a big blow. Jack’s ex-girlfriend, Penny, is demanding he help her find their baby, whom she gave up eighteen years ago.

That child is Laura’s adoptive son, but she and Jack don’t want to reveal that he is living with them. The boy met Penny once and despises her. Discovering she’s his birth mother will trigger his autoimmune disease – and scar him emotionally.

But can Laura and Jack keep the information a secret? Or are they morally obliged to divulge the truth?

As always, Father Michael is on hand to guide the family with humor and wisdom through their biggest challenge yet.

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5 Star Reviews for Riding Out the Return

Wonderful Read!

This book is so good! It is an inspirational read that has just enough drama to keep you turning the pages. The author brings the story to life with her words. You can see the scenery and feel all the emotions in both the humans and animals. I loved reading this book and can’t wait to see what she writes next. – Ann Ferri

Fun and Inspiring

Love the characters. I want to have dinner with Father Michael…he cracks me up! Everyone is so real…like you have known them forever. Learning about horses has been very interesting and thought provoking. Very relaxing read with plenty of twists and turns. Enjoy! – Rachael Smith

Time Among Friends

The title says it all. In this the first book in the Laura Harper trilogy, visit the Harper farm to ride out the return of time invested in family and faith. In a son and a new husband, trusting her faith. Time spent with the Harpers is time well spent. Faith, family warmth, hope and determination. Characters strong and capable, and yet with questions to resolve. I felt like a welcomed guest and will return often. – seg

Riding Out the Return

So many exciting things to read about in this story that I really enjoyed.
Love how they also help a husband with his new course of life, Father Michael and all he does during the book among others in the community.
Can be read as a stand alone but as I’ve read the whole series it brings me up to date on everybody and what they are doing with their religion and lives. – Julie Barrett

The Healing Power of Horses

This is a wonderful book about the healing power that horses provide for humans who are distressed either physically or mentally. – Karen Semones


I loved the witty banter in this OVERTLY CHRISTIAN story.
It’s full of horse info as well as a bit of ecumenical discussion.

There’s are quite a few serious topics touched on but with lots of light moments sprinkled in.

I loved all the featured characters. They were well done. – MaryEllen


Two women. One mare. Who will win her?

When Trixie, a beautiful buckskin mare, arrives at the family farm for training, Laura instantly falls for her. The two quickly bond and the mother-to-be entertains hopes of keeping this horse for herself and her baby daughter, due later this month.

When her son’s girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him, Laura worries that his autoimmune disease will flare up again. Then a teenage girl comes to the farm for horse therapy and Laura is concerned by the girl’s eerie behavior. When she discovers the girl’s deep-rooted ties to the occult, Father Michael is urgently called in. But the teen proves a stubborn case to crack.

Meanwhile an elderly widow wants to buy Trixie and Laura is torn between being selfish and doing the right thing. Matters aren’t helped by her husband Jack’s cutting remarks about being ‘overly emotional’ because of her ‘pregnancy hormones’ when she approaches him about purchasing the mare. Laura snaps and walks out on him.

Can Laura and Jack reconcile before the baby arrives? And can Laura let go of the mare she loves?

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Five star reviews for Riding Out the Rift

LOVED the banter!

The characters are well done in this very Catholic story. There’s a lot of talk between the characters about their faith. It’s integral to their lives and to the story.

This one mixes in heart-break, jealousy, bullying, a bit of the occult, and a lot of horse talk, all with lots of fun banter.
It was a wonderful read! I loved revisiting the family and their friends. – MaryEllen

Loved it!

Wonderful continuation of Jack and Laura’s story. The horse bonding of Trixie to Laura and Marie and Zoe. I could feel the connections. Then seeing Joe, Jack and Laura’s son become a young man taking on responsibility at the stables and dealing with the pain of breakup. I laughed at Jack and his antics with the Priest. You just know they care deeply for each other. I laughed and gasped and held my breath at times, while reading this book. It had everything a great book needs. If you like clean, heartfelt stories, with a bit of horse knowledge thrown in, you can’t go wrong with ‘Riding Out the Rift’. I highly recommend. – Shelia Garrison

Foster kids and horses!

What a delightful book! It was fun. It was inspirational. It was hard to put down. I read it in one sitting!
Foster kids, kids with problems at home, illnesses in the family keep you wondering what’s next. And the best thing – HORSES! – Alice Shepherd

Another beautiful story at Harper’s Reunion

These times involving teen problems and from Laura’s point of view. Break-ups and bullying, all involving the whole community to resolve. Father Michael, Jake Harper and his jokes and the omnipresent love of horses. – Kindle customer