Dinny’s Challenge: A Christian Romance (A Sinclair Island Romance Book 2)

The second best selling book in the Sinclair Island Romance series!

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She believed a lie and left him. Will she now stay and face the truth

Dinny gave Grant back his ring and married the man who was accusing him of fraud.

Now widowed, she attends a wedding on Sinclair Island and unexpectedly runs into her ex-fiancé – three decades after he moved away.

Dinny’s beloved mare is about to go blind and Grant meets with her to suggest an unorthodox solution for saving the horse’s sight. But his girlfriend becomes determined to keep the once engaged couple apart, and extracts a promise from Dinny not to interfere in her relationship with him.

Dinny realizes she’s falling in love with Grant again. Problem is, he’s a crook and her deceased husband’s arch-enemy. And she’s given her word to stay away from him.

Grant never stopped loving her, and a nearly fatal incident with a horse gives him the unexpected opportunity to clear his name. When Dinny discovers the real criminal’s identity, she is faced with the sordid truth that her marriage was based on a lie.

Can Grant forgive her for believing the wrong man? Can she forgive herself – or her late husband?

Under pressure from Grant, she admits her true feelings, she then tells him that she mustn’t give into them. Angry and disappointed, he walks out on her.

Soon afterwards, he risks his life to save his girlfriend and Dinny knows she’s truly lost him.

Her life will be unbearable without him and she has to get him back.

But how?

After twenty-nine years, is it too late for them?

Praise for ‘Dinny’s Challenge’

5.0 out of 5 stars: Another winner by Hilary Walker!

What’s not to love about this book! It’s a well written clean inspirational story with just enough drama and suspense to keep you turning the pages. Another winner by Hilary Walker! – Ann Ferri

5.0 out of 5 stars: Hilary Walker strikes another home run!

Thoroughly enjoyed this story. The well-written characters, some of whom show how a person can live by faith, are captivating. Love how well miscommunication is handled – reinforces Men are from Mars (we just think differently).

It is humbling to remember that everyone has weakness and flaws even when we don’t see them. Great vocabulary. I am not a “horse person” but thanks to Ms Walker, I have come to love them. – HiDesert Granny

5.0 out of 5 stars: Second Chance Romance

This is not only a second chance romance for Dinny and Grant who were engaged and broke up 29 years ago, but it is an informative book on the care of horses. I loved reading this book and it was hard to put down until I finished it.

The author paints a picture with her words which makes the reader feel like they are actually in the scene taking place. I especially liked the way the animals were a part of Dinny and Grant’s wedding. I highly recommend this book. – Karen Semones