New Release! A Divine Truth

The Truth Trilogy: Book 2

Saving souls? Or chasing glory?

A Divine Truth is the second book in The Modern Catholic Novel Trilogy

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What’s the book about?

Father James’ bishop is determined to ensure he remains in permanent exile without pay. As a result, the cancelled priest is reduced to stacking shelves in the village grocery to earn a living.

He then discovers that his bishop ousted him without duly following Canon law.

Confident of being reinstated, he sends a letter of appeal to the Vatican. But the bishop mails a poisoned missive to Rome to ensure Father James’ appeal never gets heard. He then throws more pastors out of their parishes.

Father James senses God is calling him to help these cancelled priests. But how can he achieve this?

And can he successfully fight his unjust removal in Rome?

You will find yourself rooting for Father James as he strives to shepherd souls, not combat his superiors.