Gabriel Has Been Adopted!

Great news! The 15 hand Quarter Horse gelding we call Little Gabe (because I have another Gabe at home – my friend’s 18 hand Clydesdale Cross) is going to his new home on Sunday, 11th March.

The timing of his adoption is perfect. My house is under contract and we close on 6th April. Gabriel was going to have to go back to the rescue if he didn’t find a new family before then.

This move is very difficult for me, for many reasons that I shan’t go into here. But one of the tough things is that these three horses, who have happily lived together at my home for a long time, will have to go their separate ways.

Cruz is coming with me and Big Gabe’s owner is actively looking for a new barn for him. If you know of a place near Owings, Maryland where a big guy can be on pasture board, please let me know!

I leave you with two final photos of the two Gabes and Cruz Bay, and wish Gabriel all the best as he goes off to his new forever home!


Here Big Gabe and Little Gabe mirror each other in the field as they lay crashed out, while Cruz keeps watch from the ground.

Three Horses Lying Down

Here they are again, just chillin’ in the field.


3 thoughts on “Gabriel Has Been Adopted!”

  1. Isn’t amazing how these things work themselves out?!?!

    I’m so going to miss you, Hillary, but I know that I will be able to read about the adventure in the future.



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