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Devil Cover for Paperback

Jack is only interested in helping horses. Period. Human owners irritate him.

He’s working with an anxious gelding when a mystery woman calls his cell phone. As she does once each year, she makes the same short statement before hanging up. 

Already rattled, that evening he receives bad news which sends him back to his native England for the first time in 17 years.

The evil secrets he’s had under tight control for nearly two decades quickly begin to unravel, and on returning to his Maryland farm he is forced to share an embarrassing truth with total strangers.

A wounded Jack opens his reluctant heart to a boy in dire need of what only the trainer can offer, and discovers a talent for healing more than horses.

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Reviews for Riding Out the Devil

‘I had no idea where this story line was going to take me; therefore I was so very pleasantly surprised, it introduced me to a man of Faith. Jack is a Man who loves & nurtures horses. He is a transplant from England and now lives in the U.S.

‘I’d like to know more about Jack & his life. You will too. Enjoy your read.’ – Like2Read

‘I couldn’t put the book down. The story line was enjoyable and believable.’Kindle Customer

‘A spirited read!’ – Skippy

‘A solid 5-stars and that from a Baptist for a book by a Catholic. This, for me, was an especially enjoyable read. The characters, the action, the circumstances, both past and present, all came together in an unusual story of resisting – yielding – and finally embracing a short string of opportunities to make life-changing use of a God given gift. This is a delightful tale of horses and people being helped and healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thoughts and words flow pleasantly throughout this first book of The Jack Harper Trilogy causing me to look forward to reading the next installments of the series.’ – Riyahguy



Jack Harper, the horse trainer, has fulfilled the terms of his penance by apologizing to his ex-girlfriend in England for deserting her when she was pregnant – and insisting she abort their baby.

But he suspects he may be atoning for something he didn’t do when she flies over to the U.S. in the hopes of rekindling their romance. 

Then Joe, the teenager he helped overcome ulcerative colitis, comes back to see him, spinning Jack’s world into an emotional turbulence that he is powerless to control.

All Jack ever wants is to train horses – but once again, God has other plans for him.

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Reviews for Riding Out the Tempest

‘I really enjoy the story of Jack and how he’s using horses to share his knowledge on both his illness and helping teenagers overcome health issues and insecurity issues.

‘I’m looking forward to the next one… Because Jack has to get the girl…’ – Kindle Customer

‘A very easy read with both human and animal characters, both likable and lifelike. The story leads easily from the first book, Riding out the Devil, and leads up well towards the third in the trilogy (not named yet). The author taps into her knowledge of both horses and Ulcerative Colitis as one can tell by her writing.’ – Wendy Emblin



Joseph Harper said in a strong, calm voice, “Remember, son, the night is always darkest before the dawn.” 

Jack’s new-found faith in God and these words from his father and are all he has to cling to after the startling revelations about Joe, the teenager to whom he has become both a mentor and father figure.

Leaked information and an unwelcome visit from his ex-girlfriend now threaten to destroy any hopes the horse trainer has of winning over Laura, Joe’s widowed mother.

Jack is forced to choose between coming clean to Laura about his past or trying to enter into a relationship with her based on a lie. She will despise him if he tells the truth, but telling a falsehood runs contrary to his religious principles.

Both roads will be rough, but which one will Jack take? And where will it lead?

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Reviews for Riding Out the Rough

‘I loved the Jack Harper trilogy and will miss escaping into its pages. It was a great story with characters that I could relate to easily. This is the fourth book I’ve read by this author and look forward to her next one.’ – John G.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever read a book so fast. The story was just a fun read and the characters were so believable. I don’t know about anyone else, but I still don’t like Penny but I have to say her part was well written.

‘I also enjoyed the ending. It was happy without it being over gushing. I’ll actually miss reading the Jack series but it was ended perfectly.’- Kindle Customer

‘The third in the series focuses less on horses and more on the relationships of Jack to the people he loves and to understanding his relationship to God. While I am not Catholic, the religious overtones in the novel encouraged me to think about my own feelings about a Higher Being and that impact in my life. These characters are flawed and human but innately good and you WANT them to be successful. A lovely Christmas Day read! Despite the author’s assurance that this is the last in the series, she has left enough things open to allow for another…..What do you think, Hilary??’ – Aviva Nebesky


A Companion Short Story to The Jack Harper Trilogy


Turbulence New CoverIn this short story, Timothy Shepherd is annoyed at having to visit his parents over Thanksgiving. It means exchanging his fast-paced life as a successful financial adviser in New York for a sleepy rural farm and his annoyingly religious mother and father.

But instead of a boring country break, his trip becomes an occasion of grief and intense introspection.

And just when he thinks he can return to normal life in the Big Apple, he witnesses two events which challenge his views on life.

Will Timothy answer God’s call to be the best person he can be? Or will he revert to his materialistic lifestyle?

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wager new book cover fiveFather Michael’s brother-in-law has an impossible house guest – Justin, an army veteran suffering from PTSD. The man is making life miserable for his host family. 

But the priest has no practical assistance to offer, until an incident in church gives him an idea. Naturally, his plan involves the ever-reluctant and newly-wed trainer Jack Harper. It will also require the help of a horse on his farm – and a wager.
Meanwhile Father Michael gives a podcast interview to a local atheist hoping to trip him up on Catholic matters. As soon as the podcast is aired, church attendance plummets and the priest is under intense pressure from his bishop to rectify the situation.

Justin is no closer to coming back to the faith and the podcaster is rejoicing in his victory over the Church. 

Will God makes good come out of evil for those who love Him, as Father Michael wants to believe? 

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Reviews for Riding Out the Wager

Touching story of the healing of a soldier and a horse

An amazing story of how a soldier with PTSD is helped when he learns to comfort an abused horse. Father Michael ,who is working with the soldier, has a major part in helping Justin, the soldier. The author makes the characters so believable and keeps the plot developing to keep the reader engaged. This Christian book was a joy to read and I look forward to reading more in this series.

Can an abused horse heal a vet with PTSD?

This is a fantastic story about a veteran with PTSD who finds healing in friendship with an horse that was abused and is now at a foster stable. It also has a Catholic Priest who is inspirational without being preachy.

I chose this book because I love horses, but I fell in love with the …

I chose this book because I love horses, but I fell in love with the story line and even cried a few times.


Regrets Cover Number Four

Father Michael returns home late to find an old college roommate sitting on his doorstep: Father Dan has been kicked out by his wife and needs somewhere to stay.

In the past, Jack Harper’s horses have always helped solve people’s problems and Father Michael appeals to the equine trainer for assistance in reconciling the married couple. But the outcome is devastating. Not only that, but veteran Justin Chambers and his estranged spouse Elizabeth are at each other’s throats.

As if that weren’t enough, the pastor’s ex-girlfriend shows up, rekindling emotions Father Michael thought he’d dealt with long ago. 

The world of evil is crushing his soul as he struggles to live up to his priestly calling and fight off the devil’s onslaught.

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Reviews for Riding Out the Regrets

Beautiful story

I absolutely loved the spirituality of this story, though I am not Catholic. It contained a great look at the thought processes of a Catholic priest, interwoven with the story. There was also a bit of explanation of how hippotherapy can help returning veterans with PTSD.

Riding out the regrets

This book (is) in the series although it can be read as a stand alone, I was happy to get to read the first book, is about Father Michael and he comes across many other different problems.

Continues where the other left off, people are still going through therapy of one kind or another and his friend from college days makes an appearance and he tries to help sort that out for him.

He is able to reach out to others who come to help and understand the deeper problems the loved one have to help find an answer to their problems. Lot more religious quotes in this one-almost too much for me to enjoy the story.

Love that it covers a large age range with specific groups having their own set of problems. Love the scenery and being at the cabin and the horses. Best part for me was watching those in book 1 get over their hurdles and move on-sometimes to go back to war.

Can’t wait to read more.



Wreckage New Amazon Cover

Father Michael is in his new house and open to receive visitors, starting with a long overdue dinner for Catholic horse trainer, Jack Harper and his family. Then, at the behest of his bishop, he plays host for two months to the handsome seminarian and ex-footballer, Reverend Paul Mattick.

In swift succession, the priest is faced with a series of crises, including the impending death of his father.
When a suicidal parishioner begs for help, Father Michael brings him to Jack’s farm, where a week-old foal singles him out for attention.

Meanwhile, Jack’s son Joe has lost his Christian faith. The teen is suffering a painful ulcerative colitis flare and now his beloved horse, Duke, is badly injured. How could a good God inflict such things on him?

Lucy, a lively teenage girl, enters Joe’s life. But his parents worry; her Christian family is not Catholic. Father Michael reminds them that heaven is open to other denominations.
Using Jack’s horses, Reverend Mattick’s sports background and the collaboration of the nearby Lutheran church, Father Michael pursues his mission to save souls, alleviate distress – and lose some weight.

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Reviews for Riding Out the Wreckage

Excellent Reading

This was the second book in the series I have read. I previously read Riding Out the Wager, also excellent. Hilary has a talent for keeping the reader interested in the story. I love that she incorporates many different aspect of everyday life as well as other things that may not be a personal to the reader, but challenges others may face in life. We all struggle with our faith at times and she shows us we are not alone and that God is always there working on our behalf. Not being of the Catholic faith, I have learned a lot about it through her writings. Looking forward to her next book.

Great Writing

Dealing with life issues is even hard for the clergy. This was the first book that I have read by this author and I really enjoyed the book. The book was flowing and the characters were well developed. I now need to go and read the rest of the books.

Ride Out the Wreckage

Have read other works by this author and loved the series.
An added plus is when Robert teaches they how to take care of their dog and why…
Like how the author brings you up to date on how others got to where they are now, physically and why without going into a lot of details from previous books.
Makes you feel not so lost. Like how others call on Father Michael for help-some are dying and he won’t condone the methods they want to use to shorten the time…
Love how he uses Skype to talk to a local man overseas fighting the war and hopes he won’t get PTSD again. The local horses helped cure him and many ohters over the years.
Memory boxes on outside wall of resident apartments, just like one at my mother in laws place, so touching!
With the car accident there are changes for many: deaths and births to complete the circle. Love how this one turns out.
Other works by the author and about the author are highlighted at the end. Can;t wait for the next one.



A Christian Mystery – When scandal crushes a priest

Brittle Diamonds Latest CoverFather Peter is the beloved parish priest of Brotherton village.

But when allegations of misconduct mysteriously surface against him, his parishioners are thrown into turmoil. What should they believe? 

Father Peter’s own faith starts to crumble when a close priest friend commits suicide. Then bizarre circumstances throw him together with Matt Goldworth, a non-believer. 

Matt finds himself helping a clergyman of the very Church he despises, and discovering a solution to the mystery no one could have foreseen.

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Reviews for Brittle Diamonds 

Loved this book!!!

Walker hits on every cylinder. She is moving, compassionate, and insightful with her characters. I hated to have the book end. Especially liked the loving Christian faith and grace to live it out. 

Great read

I was “hooked” by page 3. Very interesting and complex character portrayals. Suspenseful until the very end. I could not have predicted the outcome. I was torn between wanting to finish the book so I could find out the ending, yet I didn’t want the literary experience to be over. Days after completing the novel, I was still thinking about the characters and actually hoping for a sequel.


Well written and inspiring tale of a small village populated by people we all know: the know-it all, the grieving, and those with struggles of shame. The book is definitely one to read.