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Latest Podcast: Unfairly Ewesed

Hillie the Golden Retriever disappeared from our horse farm in England one night, with Blue, the Great Dane (from ‘A Dog Named Blue’). Blue came back. Hillie didn’t, and there followed a sequence of very unforeseen events!

You can listen to the podcast here:


I hope you have fun listening!

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A Doggy Digression!

Fly cooling down on a camping trip in Colorado with my son last summer

In January my son began a new job in Chicago with an accounting firm. Any of you reading this who are CPAs or know one, will be aware that the first three and a half months of each calendar year are CRAZY!

He is working 16 hour days and on Saturdays  – and was seriously ill for ten weeks.

All of this meant that he was unable to take care of his dog, Fly. So his father and I kept her at home with us and our two English bulldogs. Every evening I would send him a short video of his Border Collie black Lab mix.

Fly and Jeeves lying together
Fly sleeping next to my English bulldog, Jeeves

My son and Fly had never been apart for more than a few days, so it was very hard on him to be apart from the girl he rescued four years ago from the local shelter. Since that time he has put in a lot of hours teaching her to be well-behaved, and working with other canines to earn himself a great reputation as a dog trainer.

When Fly met our bulldogs for the first time they immediately fought. In less than 24 hours my son had them all peacefully living together.

The Border Collie mix was such a model of good behavior while she stayed with us that we threatened not to give her back!

But the day came when our son was ready to take her to the Windy City. Reluctantly we put her in the truck and drove to Toledo to meet up with her rightful owner.

Fly sleeping in truck en route to Toledo
When am I going to see my Dad?!

When we arrived in the car park of the Toledo hotel, our son wanted Fly let loose a little way off, where she couldn’t see him. He whistled from behind a tree, and she rushed off to meet him! They’d been apart, our son reliably informed us, for a whole 71 days and it was enormously touching to see their joy at seeing each other again.

Click here to see their reunion: The reunion

The three of us and Fly stayed the night at the hotel, then came the time for our son to take his dog back to Chicago and for our return to Maryland. We were so sad to say goodbye to the dog we’d been fostering that our son offered to send us nightly videos of her…!

A few hours later he sent us this photo from his apartment.

Fly Observes Chicago's Navy Pier
Fly checks out the Navy Pier, on Lake Michigan in Chicago, her new home

The two of them are having a ball, going for long walks in the numerous large parks that surround the apartment building. On Saturday, 17th March, I received this photo:

Fly by green Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day1
Fly posing by the Chicago River, dyed green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day

It looks as if she is adapting well to city life!