Gabriel Needs a Home

Gabe Photo


Gabriel (Gabe) is a 15 hands, 20 yr old Quarter Horse chestnut gelding with a long white blaze and two white stockings on his hind legs.

He neck reins and has extensive western show experience in the past.

Gabe has arthritis in his left front pastern which was causing intermittent lameness. However, since being put on Previcox and given corrective front shoes, he is 100% sound in walk and 99.99% sound in trot.

He can be ridden lightly as long as his new owner continues with this protocol.

Gabe was abandoned with a few other horses and taken in by Freedom Hill Horse Rescue in early 2017. Due to past neglect, he gets a little anxious at feeding time and sometimes paws the ground. He needs to be fed alone in a stall for a calm eating experience.

Gabe is a super sweet, laid-back horse and currently located at my farm two minutes away from Freedom Hill Horse Rescue, just south of Dunkirk, Maryland. He has impeccable ground manners and integrated with the other two horses on the property very quickly.

This adorable gelding is good for the vet, farrier and dentist, tying and trailering. He loves being groomed – you can do anything with him! At some point in his life his tail was interfered with and he cannot raise it fully when he poops. He needs the area under his tail cleaned periodically but is an absolute rock star about it.

He is up to date on all shots, Coggins, farrier and dentistry.

Adoption fee: $250

If you are interested in more information about Gabe, email                                                                                      

Come on over and meet him: he will make a wonderful horse for the right person.

P.S. Here he is with the other Gabe, a Clydesdale cross at my farm:

Big and Little Gabe

For obvious reasons we call them Big Gabe and Little Gabe!


If you’re unable to adopt, perhaps you’d like to give a horse a Valentine for $5?

It would help the rescue continue its amazing work with abandoned and neglected horses.

Thank you!