New Release! Riding Out the Race

The Laura Harper Trilogy Book 3

A crazy horse. A disabled jockey. And a priest who won’t give up on either of them.

Riding Out the Race is the final book of the Riding Out Series.

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What is the book about?

A crazy horse. A disabled jockey. And a priest who won’t give up on either of them.

Laura is looking forward to a quiet Christmas with her family and Father Michael.

But a crazy new horse on the farm has other ideas. Once again, the equines at Harpers’ Reunion threaten to take husband Jack’s attention away from his human family. Laura is incensed. Their daughter is about to be born any day now and he should be playing it safe instead of messing with the gelding he’s dubbed Loco!

However, Jack doesn’t get off lightly with Father Michael around. Before he knows it, the priest has thrust a disabled ex-jockey onto the tall trainer and seems to expect miracles. How can Jack use the horses on his farm to help a young man who loathes them?

Then Father Michael develops serious problems of his own, and Laura and Jack have him to take care of as well as the sullen rider.

Instead of being allowed to concentrate on preparing for her baby, Laura is pulled in all directions by the needs of others. And just as she’s about to go to hospital to give birth, another emergency arises on the farm – and this time it affects her personally.

Will this new disaster prevent Laura from making it to the hospital on time?

And can the horses he hates turn the bitter young jockey’s life around?

I hope you enjoy reading Riding Out the Race!