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The Story of a Wounded Horse & His Soldier

Father Michael’s brother-in-law has an impossible house guest – Justin, an army veteran suffering from PTSD – and the man is making life miserable for his host family.

But the priest has no practical assistance to offer, until an incident in church gives him an idea. Naturally, his plan involves the ever-reluctant and newly-wed trainer Jack Harper. It will also require the help of Isaac, a very special but damaged horse on his farm.

And a wager.

Meanwhile Father Michael gives a podcast interview to a local atheist hoping to trip him up on Catholic matters. As soon as the podcast is aired, church attendance plummets and the priest is under intense pressure from his bishop to rectify the situation.

Justin is no closer to coming back to the faith and the podcaster is rejoicing in his victory over the Church.

Will God makes good come out of evil for those who love Him, as Father Michael desperately wants to believe?

A New Christian Inspirational Trilogy

Riding Out the Wager

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Riding Out the Wager will be available as an eBook in August 2017.

The first  in The Father Michael Trilogy, it features the Catholic priest who figured prominently in The Jack Harper Trilogy.

Father Michael has to help a man who is struggling with PTSD and, as usual, he will involve Jack!

The plot was prompted by the arrival of a sweet grey rescue horse on my farm and at the same time an introduction to a young veteran.

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